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  • The Mesdar, one of the two vessels, now appears to be free. Maritime tracking data shows it continuing on its way. A different U.S. official says that NAVCENT has been in touch with commercial U.S. ships in the region. U.S. surveillance aircraft are flying patrols in area.
  • A U.S. official aware of actions in the Middle East says that tanker ships were surrounded by Iranian fast boats, then seized. Expectation is actions like this could occur for a while, given the sanctions that Iran faces. "This is their only lever," the official assesses.
  • @McCainJack Just me in a couple of masks.
  • "Americans don't even have to make a deliberate effort to put Afghanistan out of mind. Here is a war that's being forgotten even as it is being fought."
  • RT @SopanDeb: THIS. IS. PERFECT. JOURNALISM. This should be shown in classrooms. Rand Paul tries to condescend to @JvittalTV about bein…

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