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  • I’m off again for 10 days. Have fun with the news.
  • Here’s Trump’s public schedule for tomorrow. (Public schedules don’t include all of a president’s activities.)
  • @JessicaHuseman Whenever I used to report on some policy situation hurting people in a state that voted for Trump, I got a flood of "well they were asking for it, NO SYMPATHY" replies, even if there was no sign any of the people in the article voted for Trump.
  • We'd told you Trump made at least 18 false claims in that Fox & Friends interview. Final total: 23.
  • Trump today with UN Security Council officials: "It wasn't reported accurately, but that's OK, but the relationship I have with other countries is really good." He said some countries don't like his tough talk about defense spending, but he can't be "too nice" or it won't work.

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