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  • Hope everyone had a great and blessed Monday! Just watching a movie with my Mom and feeling super thankful today and everyday; I am so lucky for who I have. Remember to be you and love yourself first! Love you guys and hope you have a great night and rest of your week! 🦋
  • . @britneyspears, you are perfect just the way you are and don’t you forget that! Beauty comes within and you radiate that and love on the in and outside more than anyone I know of. I miss and love you endlessly, please enjoy yourself and know we are here forever!! xoxo 🌸✨🌈🦋
  • RT @LoganLynn: Oh, and as someone who works closely with many of the organizations @TaylorSwift13 directly supports, I’ll just add that she…
  • Dumb bitch
  • @taylorswift13 really said “YOU NEED TO CALM DOWN” and ended pride month shamers in a 3:31 long music video... she is the LGBTQ+ icon we’ve needed. Thank you TAY for loving us GAYs!! People like you who use platforms for good make the world a better place. ILY! #YNTCDmusicvideo

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