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  • the ultimate Twitter question: to like, or retweet?
  • naked tears drop off rose petals like blood splashing on the ground rip your heart wide open show me the real you take your clothes off of your thoughts and if the breeze gives you a chill i’ll be right there to warm your naked vulnerability without harm (october 13, '09)
  • but there is much complaining happening, and bitterness. and there is injustice in this world that needs to be corrected, obviously. and to share the truth (in Love) should work to inspire people to be more patient and kind with each other. (at least i think so)
  • making a clear connection to promote peaceful relationships should be the basis, the foundation of the Twitter Tree at least this should be the hope, to build up and to conserve friendships rather than seeking to tear things apart, even though people don’t always agree.
  • we are each writing the eternal book of who we are each day with our thoughts, with the words we write and speak, in what we do. it all matters.

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