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  • Hot African winds, long, sun-drenched summer days and shallow coastal waters. The perfect recipe for salt-making, a key characteristic in Trapani. #DGDNA
  • Move forward with the #DGSicily62. #DGDNA
  • The Pretoria Fountain is full of hidden meanings, starting with the those concerning the 8 statues placed at the ends of the entrances of the square, delimiting its boundaries. #DGDNA
  • Bustling with energy and with an overpowering selection of fresh produce to choose from, the Mercato del Capo can often be overwhelming. That's why a bright #DGSicily62 is what you need to stand out. #DGDNA
  • Drawn by the charm of Villa Palagonia in Bagheria, the #DGSicily58 leads the way within its walls, a wonder to be explored. #DGDNA

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