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  • "Free quality education is a form of wealth redistribution" @PresidentBio @VarkeyFdn #GESF
  • @YorsehKoroma @ayodelehazeley @VickieRemoe @DSTISierraLeone @awscloud What do you need do explore quantum? Fiber? Is that in SL? What do you need for quantum computing? A cloud computing platform like that at IBM? You are right to be doubtful, because I will rephrase: we are actively exploring quantum @DSTISierraLeone #KamJoinWeBo or watch us do it
  • @ayodelehazeley @YorsehKoroma @VickieRemoe @DSTISierraLeone @awscloud Please go to and contact us from there... or send @DSTISierraLeone a DM with your research questions and background to explore collaboration. However, you dont have to wait, you can start building those solutions and we can catch up and absorb them later.
  • Visting @AlefEducation and @kryptolabsAD at the recommendation of H.H Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed @MohamedBinZayed was a major highlight of my time in UAE in addition to the bilateral between H.H and H.E @PresidentBio discussing Edu, Tech, SMEs, Health #humancapitaldevelopment
  • @ayodelehazeley @YorsehKoroma @VickieRemoe @DSTISierraLeone Finally, to say something is unrealistic and thus must not be happening is exactly why the Govt of SL set up @DSTISierraLeone: to invent and innovate rapidly for our national development. We build AI/ML & decision-support solutions in SL. We explore quantum too! #KamJoinWeBo

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