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  • I got to know Patrick through his Artificial Intelligence class - I delivered the annual neurotech lecture. We noted the increasing intersection, every year, of bio and AI. He was so excited to see students succeed. We will miss you, and all you've done.
  • Congrats to Kate Adamala and Daniel Martin-Alarcon, whose patent "Pumilio domain-based modular protein architecture for RNA binding" was just granted, as U.S. Patent # 10330674!
  • #Expansionmicroscopy helps visualize the specialized apparatus, which behaves like a liquid, that helps chromosomes separate during egg formation. From the Schuh lab, Max Planck Institute for Biophysical Chemistry (Science, Jun 28 2019,
  • Delighted and thankful to receive the Croonian Medal of the Royal Society. This award recognizes work by many group members, alumni, and collaborators over the years, that made our neurotechnology work real and impactful.
  • Very honored and grateful to receive, along with my fantastic colleagues, the 2019 Warren Alpert Prize for developing optogenetic tools.

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