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  • This is heartbreaking, appalling. It's psychological torture and a gross violation of int. law & human rights. Writer/journalist Ahmet Altan arrested only 6 days after release. Shame!#journalismisnotacrime #FreeAhmetAltan @philippesands @englishpen @pen_int
  • @philippesands @P24Punto24 @hishamjmatar @stephenfry this is shocking news, deeply worrying, completely unlawful #journalismisnotacrime
  • RT @philippesands: @Elif_Safak @P24Punto24 @hishamjmatar @stephenfry
  • @khalafroula @lionelbarber such wonderful news, heartfelt congratulations dear Roula @khalafroula 💐 @lionelbarber and you have transformed @FT from a conventional financial newspaper to a truly digital,global,internationalist media outlet. I' sure now it'll go further & beyond 🍀🍀📚📚 @pinkylilani
  • @robertosaviano @YaseminCongar_ @englishpen @guardian @amnestyitalia @repubblica This is awful, just read it; terrible news, a gross violation of human rights, a gross injustice

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