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  • @DSlotnik I’m chuckling so hard right now on the subway. You’re right - the polite move would have been to go crop dusting down the platform. He had such a pained look when he made the confession. I felt sorry for the guy!
  • @DSlotnik I actually appreciated the warning so I didn’t have to stay seated in his fart cloud 😂
  • RT @JeffCMays: "Democrats too often seem to be too close to the big donors," @BilldeBlasio tells @BrianLehrer w/o a hint of irony https://t…
  • Another subway first! I sit on a bench in the station to wait for the next train, and the man next to me says: “I just had pepperoni 🍕 and I have gas. Sorry!” 😬
  • Find someone who looks at you... like Andy Byford looks at subway riders. (Photo from the MTA board documents for this month.)

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