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  • I see your "lilt" and raise with an "agape." @grynbaum is in fine form in this recap of Shepard Smith's remarks at the annual dinner for the Committee to Protect Journalists
  • "Looking back, Mr. LaCorte said of the 15 stories his sites put out a day, 'I would only be embarrassed by four.'" This @nicoleperlroth scoop is something else
  • RT @laurettaland: Black woman, Republican, raised in the south, worked for Reagan, ran the Library of Congress, led the project to install…
  • This front page is historic but if you look closely there’s a melting Grimace at the bottom and that’s the doing of @yaffebellany
  • Is the era of fast food toys ending in a hot melted puddle in northern England? @yaffebellany on new move by Burger King and whether it will have any environmental impact

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