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  • Seems like an appropriate way to end this decade....First Carl’s Jr.’s sexist ads and now Victoria Secret "angels" fashion show gets pulled.
  • Netanyahu Indicted on Corruption Charges, Throwing His Future Into Doubt
  • RT @kenvogel: SCOOP: In investigation of LEV PARNAS & IGOR FRUMAN, SDNY has subpoenaed: ▶️Top TRUMP fundraiser & lobbyist BRIAN BALLARD ▶️2…
  • RT @kenvogel: @AmericaFirstPAC @RudyGiuliani The subpoena issued to the businessman solicited by LEV PARNAS (for an investment in Fraud Gua…
  • RT @kenvogel: @AmericaFirstPAC @RudyGiuliani NEW: The client who LEV PARNAS referred to BRIAN BALLARD was … the TURKISH GOVERNMENT. Turkey…

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