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  • It scares me a little that you have given garbage cans that much thought.
  • Not So Perfect: Only 0.25% of 17.2 Million Brackets Remain Perfect in ESPN’s Tournament Challenge Game
  • Another @StBonaventure grad doing great things. @MexCarey w/a big award from @CoSIDAnews. Mex is the best, and Bonnies are everywhere. @BonasJSchool @MSU_Basketball.
  • If somebody stupidly decided to do a t-shirt about me, I promise you it would say something much different. @heydb rocks! Cool of her colleagues to roll with it.
  • My colleague ⁦@alisonoverholt⁩ showed up on stage receiving ⁦@MultiNews⁩ #WonderWoman award as she does at work: smart, strong, insightful, funny. Congrats Alison!

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