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  • I know a lot of people get frustrated with how slowly JB Holmes plays. But still, hate to see a guy lose by three-putting from three feet. #GenesisOpen
  • The winds are up, the temperature is down and the best players in the world are making an absolute mess of one of the most beautiful golf courses in the world. #GenesisOpen
  • Justin Thomas is letting everyone back in it. If you like watching golf, this is about to become a very enjoyable afternoon.
  • I enjoy everyone bemoaning how the players had to get up at 4am three days in a row, how hard that is on their game. I’ve been up at 4am for nineteen years. Maybe that’s why I’m not on tour. #GenesisOpen
  • Say again, this is a course where Tiger Woods has always struggled. He looks great right now. What a year this is going to be.

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