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  • Dad I knew you wasn't going to be able to live without mom. I am so sorry you took your own life like mom did. I pray that you and mom are now together in heaven. I don't know what I am now going to do. I'm heartbroken. The fight just got worse.
  • @jimmyfallon @FallonTonight thank you for always putting on a great show and for making me laugh. 🍀
  • Thank you pals jimmy and my family.
  • For your DMs of support and love and the edits of jimmy to cheer me up while I fight this. You never think it will hit you but it does even with all my medical problems it can still get you. I hope some day they will find a cure for cancers.
  • Chemotherapy is making much more ill then I expected. I'm not going into details. This is my happy place if it wasn't for jimmy and his show I would have gave up this fight but I wont. Thank you to all pals commented love and prayers. Big thank you to @AthenaLSantana 🔽

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