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  • Feeling like winter will never end? WE HEAR YOU. And we've got a few ideas on @FitBottomedZen about how to muddle through. @FreeCountryltd
  • @Tee_Major takes old-school style calisthenics to the NEXT LEVEL. Prepare to get inspired (and get tips for being hecka fit) in this podcast ep!
  • #spons I (Jenn) #MoveFor self-care to feel good AND to have a healthy twin pregnancy. Because when I feel good and am active (which includes rest!), I’m a better everything. What’s one of your favorite #easytips for self-care? #spon
  • A huge thanks for coming on our podcast, and sharing your badass fitness tips, @tee_major!
  • RT @Reeesse__: Love this article on self care / self love. If you've been trying to improve your self care practice this is definitely a GO…

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