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  • I have designed and branded many a concepts in my career, but one of the creations I’m most proud of has to be what has become one of Chicago’s premiere Italian dining destination barromachicago in Andersonville!…
  • #morningmotivation Pretty darn true. Be conscious of what is a passing thought in the mind vs. something you spew out of anger because your in a bad place - for words can cut sharper than knives and leave deeper…
  • Whether it’s a chalk board, a magnetic board or a cork board...we all need a place to pin our important notes or pics! How about one board that accomplishes it all! That’s what’s going down on this episode of “Fix…
  • On location today shooting the final scene for an exciting new TV series I unfortunately cannot reveal just yet but... it’s coming soon I promise!!! Stay tuned 🎬@frankfontana #tv #production #hollywood #chicago
  • Sometimes it’s the smallest moments...that leave the biggest impacts. Cherish them! @frankfontana #love #lucky #family #dad

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