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  • @leanneaguilera Buddie from #911onFOX 😍🙈❤️
  • @BraveForGaga95 I don’t think I’ll ever get over Joanne (Piano) deservedly being awarded a Grammy. Is possibly the best show and recognition of true talent from the Recording Academy and that version is on its own level of greatness.
  • @dizzykween If you think how much changed during the era and how much emotional involvement caused to her up to the point where she had to put her own money to finance GUY (An ARTPOP film). 💔
  • @SechitoAlex Very sad, I know, I still admire how she made it a moment to help other people that might have been traumatised by the event. 🙏
  • I believe in coincidences but today I take this as a sign. It’s literally what I asked I&V to share & was hoping they would. Love this project & its message and is such an interesting point of reflection about perception and self-worth. ❤️

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