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  • #EldenRing, the new game from @fromsoftware_pr and @grrmspeaking, will be very similar to Dark Souls according to its creator ⚔️
  • See what these lucky @BelongArena players had to say about speeding round the Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled tracks before anyone else 👇
  • Congrats to @Activision and @BeenoxTeam on #CrashTeamRacing Nitro-Fueled taking this week's number one spot in the UK charts 🎉
  • This Kara android from #DetroitBecomeHuman looks just like a real human! 🤯 🤖 = Redditor ProKirie
  • Of all the times this could happen... why NOW?! 😡's Twitter Friends's Twitter Followers