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  • Even on the harsh, dry highland plains of the Ngorongoro region of Tanzania, 1 tablet + tech can register kids & track vaccine stocks & immunization history at the swipe of a finger:
  • How do you immunise a child that can’t be found, because they have never had their births registered? Tanzania is overcoming this with its Electronic Immunisation Registry (EIR).
  • Today and everyday, our mission stays the same: leaving no one behind and immunising children wherever they are - 🏙 in cities 🚂 on trains or 🌳 living in remote regions of the country! #WHA #WHA19 #VaccinesWork
  • RT @GaviSeth: Civil society are essential partners for successful achievement of the SDGs. A great session today with dozens of CSO reps di…
  • RT @GaviSeth: We’re providing an extra US$ 9.2 million to support the vital work of vaccinators protecting people against #Ebola in DRC. Th…

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