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  • trying to figure out where fav granDOG scott picked up Giardia parasite could these 2 unexpected swims be it?? Swipe left to see where he ended up guess dogs don’t like going to the doctor either huh?
  • Fav son willgb3 & fav granDOG scott reunited after vacation #happiness ... this was before Scott got sick ... warning get ready for spontaneous smiles.. is this called puppy love ?
  • Rott-roh fav granDOG Scott is sick!diagnosis parasite Giardia .. yikes! Swipe left for fav son willgb3 worried face & killing time at the vet. What’s the word on giardia scott on medication we are very concerned ....
  • Last pix before leaving Spain! Swipe left for good times & IF you make it to last shot ( and i dare you) of my favorites has a great sense of humor ... but as you see I believe in TOTAL relaxation on…
  • I LOVE this pix..commercial break @cbsthismorning. I went to welcome carlossantana in make up room who tells me... be impeccable w/your integrity it’s contagious” wow! Carlos thank you for coming I won’t forget your…

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