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  • @nycmayor the department hired #bullywithabadge DOH Inspector Ossai Chegwe . What happened to Mental Hygiene?
  • @nycmayor should I repost YouTube video of #bullywithabadge DOH inspector Ossai Chegwe. He flashes his badge and calls himself Mel Gibson.
  • @NYCMayor this is a pic of the unprofessional DOH inspector #bullywithabadge Ossai . He wanted to know if @ladygaga
  • @NYCMayor Just paid a $1600 fine because of the lying #bullywithbadge DOH inspector Ossai Chegwe. You should give it to him for his unprofessional behavior.
  • @NYCMayor I have filed my 2nd complaint to the Inspector General about Inspector Ossai Chegwe and his unprofessional behavior asking if @ladygaga was in my restaurant. Your missing your mission statement.

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