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  • @denne_red @annefearless13 Ma pure in Francia? Mi sembrava che fosse uno stadio lì
  • okay bye this is causing me so much anxiety and probably I won’t be there and I have no info and no time to plan anything I guess
  • I can’t even ask my dad if I can go to a festival because I don’t even know where I could possibly go because the dates are not fully announced yet and I’d be like YEAH I’M SEEING TAYLOR ABROAD I DON’T KNOW WHERE AND WITH WHO STANDING UNDER THE SUN FOR HOURS IS IT OKAY?
  • I can’t believe Nimes ticket go on sale in a few hours (and most of the festival’s tickets are already on sale) so we had no time to find money & someone to go to and we don’t even know all the dates yet. This is so messy and I hate living this nightmare
  • @tswiftita_ E in Europa quali sono?

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