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  • RT @tomwhite_ig: @HausOfTinaMarie @ATTHelp Agree, call protect is useless.
  • @ATTHelp I still don't see how call protect will STOP those robo calls entirely. That doesn't address my issue. These robo calls use random numbers to call from. HOW do they get those numbers and what can YOU as a company STOP them from using random numbers?
  • @ATTHelp How does this stop all robots from calling me to begin with? This seems like it'll only stop the ones you know about. What about the countless random numbers they constantly call from? I just want to be able to ONLY accept calls from numbers in my address book.
  • @ATT what are you guys doing to stop the hundreds of spam calls I receive constantly that call from different numbers each time? Tell me please!
  • F-F-F-Fucker Face. Solved it!

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