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  • @jeroenkwakbo @jonathanglennie @m_clem @martaforesti Yeah, although I believe those are a minority. Many others recognize the necessity of migration for their economic devt (esp. given aging population etc). They're just not sure what to do & how to sell it.
  • @jonathanglennie @m_clem @martaforesti @jeroenkwakbo Right now, countries of origin have very little incentive to engage in returns & reintegration discussions. If Europe was to use their aid budget to create meaningful legal pathways, providing access to the labour market, in exchange? I'm kinda okay with that...
  • @jonathanglennie @m_clem @martaforesti @jeroenkwakbo Obviously we want to avoid conditionality, but I would argue increased legal pathways can be a 'carrot' used in broader migration agreements (e.g. w/ return and reintegration). To date, Europe has pushed the latter without extending the former.
  • @jonathanglennie @m_clem @martaforesti Depends what your migration objectives are 😉 DG Home & DEVCO are currently funding a number of legal migration pilot projects, and hopefully the new commission will expand the funding. If this is what they mean, great. But I assume it's probably not...
  • @trillingual @EU_Commission 3/3 This is crucial, particularly for those working on migration research & advocacy. Do you speak to the “anxious middle”, allaying their fears & hopefully making them more positive? Or do you speak to those already positive, mobilizing them to move the Overton Window left?

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