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  • @sevensisca @60SecDocs yup 😅 thanks so much!
  • @sevensisca @60SecDocs that has happened to me before 😳 luckily I usually film my domino projects with multiple cameras so even if one doesn’t get it, I have a backup!
  • I’m in this strange dilemma where I need to make a video about how I might phase out my upload schedule, but I haven’t had a chance to make it yet because I’ve had to spend a lot of time finishing videos every week... according to my upload schedule. #facepalm
  • This is either the BEST or the WORST idea I’ve ever had... watch me fall into 3,200 pieces 😂
  • @DarthSqueaky his smile and laugh is contagious! I’m beaming so much! keep on building, little man ☺️

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