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  • @superpixels Can’t hear you. I’m in the shower listening to a podcast.
  • RT @ruchowdh: The sad(?) part of this is how many women scientists - from NASA to policy to tech to academia- are sending me emails and dms…
  • RT @Hbrowne24: You’ve cat to be kitten me right meow. 🤯
  • RT @hoopfeed: This is the 1st time that @StanfordWBB jr. Anna Wilson is healthy enough to play in NCAAs. Older bro Russell in stands today.…
  • RT @farbandish: @histoftech @davegershgorn @proginequality @safiyanoble @merbroussard @BostonJoan ❤️ this nicely closes the loop - I was ju…

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