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  • @TheTravelBunny @sharjahtourism @Visit_SHJ This place was probably my favourite. Or the Al Noor Mosque. Can't decide.
  • @PalmTreeMusings @RoamingRequired @Visit_SHJ Free entry as well! Lovely way to spend an evening.
  • @globalhelpswap @Visit_SHJ @sharjahtourism Pretty incredible, isn't it? With the music and scent of incense and cardamom as well... Amazing.
  • Travel to the desert to stand in the rain - and stay dry. That’s me at the start and end! The mesmerising #RainRoomSharjah in the UAE. With partners #visitsharjah #sharjahlightfestival @visit_shj @sharjahtourism
  • @travelb94045804 Sure - head to the blog to find the contact details. Thanks!

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