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  • RT @mai10pm: Hair Force Un: Vietnamese barber marks summit with free Trump-Kim haircuts | Article [AMP] | Reuters
  • @elehelp @karmanomad @jdouglasSEA @cnni @UNODC_SEAP @klustout @rshorsey @KatieHunt20 @farahmaster @nvanderklippe @suilee @CPMeissner @OCCRP @elehelp I’d be interested in seeing it offline if you’re willing to share
  • Writing for @cnni , @jdouglasSEA explains why Asia's organized criminals are doubling down on the casino industry:
  • RT @chadocl: Today marks one year since North Korea last paraded its Hwasong-15 missiles through the streets of Pyongyang 건군철…
  • They will also discuss both sides commitments to "complete denuclearization, transforming U.S.-DPRK relations, and building a lasting peace on the Korean Peninsula." Interesting that priorities are listed in a different order than they were in Singapore:

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