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  • has everyone received the first vinyl of the record club? TT 1/4 is mitski doing let’s get married and a new version of DOMM. the vinyl will never be repressed but feel free to share the music online. i love these recordings and want them to be passed around
  • nothing better than a malfunction causing us to play miss those days just guitar vocal and sax. maybe we do it that way for then next little while.
  • i think people write because there is one major experience or feeling they don’t want anyone to know because it makes them feel other .. so they slowly over the course of a career let the world know. like this absurd fighting back through writing
  • the feeling back then: just to be on tour was a miracle win. crowds didn’t matter. happy to load in and play for 6 people. can’t see austin again for the first time — but WILL bring that feeling.
  • on a plane to austin rn. playing at stubb’s for sxsw tomorrow. first time i played austin was beer land when i was 16. booked it on a land line from new jersey. 6 people were there. was thrilling. saw austin and ate mexican food there for the first time. always with me

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