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  • worked that night for about 6 hours and besides the mix all the tracks and takes are from then. live drum, bass, acoustic, 12 string, upright piano and melotron. all going through copycat and space echo. big mess until it’s not
  • from there the “paul” bass happened and the washy piano. melotron in bride to sound like a dream sequence wedding. but the part i’m most proud of is her voice drowned in verb. cuts right through and sits all around you at the same time.
  • when someone brings in a song that speaks so much just on a piano it’s rare to imagine production around. but then we started playing with space echo reverb on a snare hit really hard with a brush ....
  • lover the song out today. did this one entirely at electric lady in NYC. only laura sisk and taylor in the room. taylor wrote every stitch of this song and came in and played it for me - just a perfect moment to hear what she had done alone the night before
  • holy shit all 3 @redhearsemusic shows sold out already. thank you guys for wanting to check out something this brand new. album out ...::: TODAY

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