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  • I sat down with actress @lala. She opens up about how she unplugs and gets in touch with herself in order to gain clarity. Listen now! iTunes: Spotify: SoundCloud:
  • On this episode of On Purpose, I sat down with @robertwaldinger He’s the director of the longest study on adult life and happiness. Listen to our full talk here! iTunes: Spotify: SoundCloud:
  • I sat down with @davidgoggins. He fearlessly shares his past with me, how he's overcome past childhood traumas and why he pushes himself so hard. Listen now to feel inspired! iTunes: Spotify: SoundCloud:
  • My wife teaches me so much about love every day. I got to interview her for the first time and talk all things relationships on this special episode of On Purpose. Listen now! iTunes: Spotify: Sound Cloud:
  • Text Me: 310-997-4177

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