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  • @blythelikehappy like do you even listen to me
  • @blythelikehappy no Blythe they changed the formula of my favorite everyday moisturizer, but it's not a tinted moisturizer, do you even go here.
  • My dispassionate news analysis of the impeachment hearings so far is that more men should use tinted moisturizer, certainly when they're going to be on TV, but probably all the time.
  • RT @FrancesRobles: En 30 años que llevo ejerciendo el periodismo, nunca me habían agredido. Hoy fue la primera vez, cuando estaba sentada a…
  • RT @JillCowan: Got a chance to work w/ @gebeloffnyt on this story about how working renters are struggling in LA's housing crisis. As we al…

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