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  • @JasonBergbauer Tfw you think you hit reply and you didn't.
  • @BoogSciambi @highkin This pic work?
  • @highkin My excessively protruding left ear is covering the crown jewel.
  • Platelet-rich plasma shots can be godsends for some pitchers. For others, they don't help at all. How Chris Sale's arm responds is the great unknown -- and unknowable. They are optimistic rest and biologics will work. This is a vital six weeks for Sale and the Red Sox's futures.
  • Further details on Chris Sale, per Red Sox: - He's done for the regular season, with Dr. James Andrews recommending a re-evaluation in six weeks. - He received a PRP shot in his left elbow. Doctors use it to promote healing. - Even if Sox make playoffs, Sale return is unlikely.

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