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  • Someone at my gym once told me, “You’re doing great! First time?” I’d been working out there for six years. #ThatWasCold
  • It’s Hashtags time! Describe your favorite burn that you’ve given or received, and tag it with #ThatWasCold. Could be on the show!
  • On my way to @peopleschoice. Fan walk get ready get rowdy!! #pcas
  • It worked!!! Congrats!!! 🤘
  • Okay @TexasFootball, I left some energy floating around in Austin. Find it and use it if you need to today. To get it just say Texas (fight) and throw in a Fallon (tonight). I’ll be watching. Hook ‘em. 🤘#ThisIsTexas #HookEm #FallonAtUT

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