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  • I remember being in the pentagon in 2001 reporting Spann’s death as the first in the Afghanistan war. Amazing it is now 18 years and 2371 US deaths ago.
  • “The logic may be inescapable” to open impeachment inquiry, @RepRaskin just told @PoppyHarlowCNN on @CNNnewsroom
  • @mattklewis Is obsequious too big a word for today’s Washington?
  • RT @mattklewis: Best new name? “House Conformity Caucus,” “House Submission Caucus,” “House Deference Caucus”...?
  • In a normal world, there would be an on-camera pentagon briefing in which reporters could ask our military leaders why and the American public would get answers. Instead, it's been a year since pentagon officials have briefed.

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