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  • RT @tuckerhiggins: The Times’ @mikiebarb asked Pete Buttigieg if his decision to volunteer for the military was at all colored by his polit…
  • RT @MrMeritology: Well actually, Tocqueville didn't say that @IvankaTrump @DavidRivkin @WSJopinion 1/6
  • Obama urged Democrats to “chill out” I remember when another high-profile Dem told his party’s voters the same. It was last month. And it was @DevalPatrick
  • “We will not win just by increasing the turnout of the people who already agree w us completely on everything. Which is why I am always suspicious of purity tests during elections. Because, you know what, the country is complicated.” via @BrianSlodysko
  • @byjoelanderson @ASDem one of most memorable games i’ve seen in person: tenn at uf, 2007. just bc tebow and harvin put on a show.

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