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  • The best advice my mentor gave me was to focus on being interested, not interesting. The allure of social entrepreneurship can sometimes betray the gritty reality of what it takes to make change. Those who succeed look outside themselves to how they can best serve others.
  • Oh Maria, this is magic... happy World Poetry Day!
  • @AutodeskFdn @Acumen Thank you. And we are proud to be your partner. Here's to the journey together, one of seeking, learning, sharing, holding ourselves accountable to what we came to do.
  • For me a poem is a drop of beauty in the dark morning before the sun rises. It is inspiration. An intake of breath, astonished admiration, sometimes a tear. Or a sob. A poem asks for attentive intention. It can be a prayer. And sometimes a poem just makes me smile #WorldPoetryDay
  • RT @BavidraMohan: Exploring how we might create a different, more #collective definition of #success for the world @Acumen #westafrica #Fel…

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