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  • When I'm off the pitch, I like to invest my time in projects that mean a lot to me. Hear me talk about WeShare , Deuce Brand and the Kemi Malaika Foundation in the fifth and last Episode of Nothing Given. Full Episode:
  • I really enjoyed my first year playing in Turkey. In this episode I explain why I decided to play in Turkey and what it’s like to play there 🇹🇷⚽ Watch full episode:
  • Being adopted at just 17 months and joining Arsenal at the tender age of 15 were two of the most important moments of my life growing up. Click here to hear me talk about it:
  • Episode 2 is out now! 🔥 Link for FULL EPISODE:
  • I’m working hard to stay at my best for as long as possible. 💪⚽ Link for FULL EPISODE:

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