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  • @profdaf Not sure the parallel works - but Kamala, Beto and Corey could fit. Better comp might be 77 slogan: “after 8 years of charisma, and 4 years of the clubhouse, why not try competence.”
  • RT @basilhero: Excited to have @johnavlon CNN's commentator and author, John Avlon, moderate discussion at B&N April 4th about The Mission…
  • Imagine the reaction if a Democratic President did this:
  • Congrats to @swin24 & @lachlan - this book's gonna be a wild ride.
  • RT @ericbradner: SCOOP: @BetoORourke is hiring Jen O’Malley Dillon — an Obama veteran and one of the party’s sharpest data experts — as his…

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