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  • @byrdinator Truth is that Rey has too much “Force” to be a Kenobi. Obi-Wan was a really good Jedi technically speaking...but I don’t think he had as much innate ability. That’s where your idea falls apart.
  • RT @AllisonLHedges: Does Ivanka want to go to Burning Man? Or does she just want you to think she wants to go to Burning Man? @elainaplot…
  • RT @ChrisSilveste12: @JohnBerman hey john you should investigate burning man a little more. While I'm sure drugs are a part of it it's more…
  • The cold hard truth about C-3PO?
  • RT @PACESconsulting: Holy shit one of the principals from my district is on @CNN with @JohnBerman this morning.

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