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  • RT @BillWeirCNN: 11 minute warning, hippies! My special #WoodstockAt50 starts at 9 on @CNN grab your paraphernalia and I’ll meet you at th…
  • RT @GrabienMedia: VIDEO - Mark Sanford: Trump’s Tone Is of ‘Grave Concern’ @RepSanfordSC @JohnBerman
  • RT @GeorgiaCassidy6: @NewDay Great segment with @crampell @kaitlancollins @JohnBerman Alisyn and @biannagolodryga Have this exact dream t…
  • RT @BrendanBuck: We joke now, but in six months buying Greenland will be a litmus test on the right.
  • RT @noonanjo: Every Democratic presidential campaign’s policy director is sighing with defeat as they send out an email, subj line: WHAT IS…

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