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  • Thanks for coming all the way to @Yale my friend! Was great to catch up and to reflect on our past efforts together. It was clear to the students how much you care about your country and the region. I wish we had time for me to treat you to @pepespizzeria - a New Haven tradition!
  • Congrats to @RogerLau – he’s as loyal, creative, steady and capable as they come. Great leader for a team and a smart choice by @SenWarren – I was lucky to have him on my team and am proud of all he’s accomplished.
  • I’ve known Frank Ricciardone for a long time – he's a deeply respected diplomat and we should stand by him.
  • Sad to see this controversy. @AUC does the right thing to welcome any current or past SecState to speak. And we should all be glad they do - universities should expose students to different perspectives. And I say that as someone who disagreed with the content of the speech.
  • And it hurts the Senate in the long run. Far too many of our embassies around the globe have no ambassador – it’s dangerous. 2/2

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