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  • Sunday’s up early #InsidePolitics Team Caffeine: @margarettalev @juliehdavis @ToluseO @kaitlancollins #CNN 8aE
  • Biden says “boy” taken out of context: #InsidePolitics 8aE @kaitlancollins @ToluseO @juliehdavis @margarettalev
  • pre-debates, #2020 DEMS court #SC voters: #InsidePolitics 8aE @margarettalev @ToluseO @kaitlancollins @juliehdavis
  • Iran strikes called off, now what? #InsidePolitics 8aE @juliehdavis @ToluseO @margarettalev @kaitlancollins
  • 3/3 .. undermine Speaker's case that DEMS would be serious and prepared for their investigations. Sure, the privilege claims are OTT, but amateur and offensive not the right response.

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