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  • #POTUS clean up - 1st in tweet then at #Trudeau meeting: ""We do support them totally."
  • Secretary Pompeo in English and Farsi has tweeted support of #IranProtesters. But #POTUS asked today if he supports them: "I don’t want to comment on that, but the answer is no."
  • Busy week, great 8aE Sunday morning Team Caffeine. ⁦@shearm⁩ ⁦@rachaelmbade⁩ ⁦@lbarronlopez⁩ ⁦@Phil_Mattingly⁩
  • Nearly 40 million reasons to watch #Bloomberg 2020 entry: #InsidePolitics 8aE ⁦@lbarronlopez⁩ ⁦@rachaelmbade⁩ ⁦@shearm⁩ ⁦@Phil_Mattingly⁩
  • #Impeachment Decision Time & #POTUS defense: #InsidePolitics 8aE ⁦@rachaelmbade⁩ ⁦@lbarronlopez⁩ ⁦@shearm⁩ ⁦@Phil_Mattingly⁩

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