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  • @LDLSkeptic The same thing happened to me!! When Sinatra and I were in the ABC documentary “heart of the matter” a bunch of MDs wrote and said “31,000 people will die if they take Bowden and Sinatra’s quack advice about getting off statins”
  • @KenDBerryMD I’d put that in the category of predictions that includes “the world will end on Y2K” or “this amazon thing is just a fad”
  • @livinlowcarbman Say hello for me to everybody! Miss you guys!
  • @CharlesMBlow Biden. Mayor Pete and Kamala very close seconds
  • @QuipSupport quip makes a great product but has joined the increasing List of companies who are simply unreachable and unresponsive to their customers. Half a dozen inquiries have gone unresponded to. A shame. I thought you were the iPhone Of your industry not the Time Warner

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