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  • RT @matthewjdowd: One thing I have learned in life is that many times our heart is a better touchstone for the truth than our head. Sometim…
  • @JoyAnnReid thank you for that elegant beautiful and heartfelt tribute to the great Elijah Cummings. Brought a tear to my eye. Thank you!
  • @LDLSkeptic It’s more than sad. It’s one thing when these militant vegan purists make up their own science (“there’s vitamin B12 in plants!”)and deny human’s downright Maddening when they subject dogs to their political correctness. Hey joel khan-ever hear of Pottinger’s cats?
  • @LDLSkeptic Gotta love those Adkins specials :)
  • My friends at emerald health have either made a typo or need to go check the nutrition facts either at the California avocado association or at the USDA. Avocados contain MONOunsaturated fat (omega-9) in abundance. And virtually zero omega 3

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