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  • RT @AspenSecurity: “My broadest concern is the ideological struggle that we are in between democracy and authoritarianism…nothing is more w…
  • RT @kylieatwood: “The time we are loosing we will never get back,” says @RepAdamSchiff. Calls 5G a test case for meeting the China challeng…
  • RT @NatashaBertrand: Schiff: “I’m not particularly confident” that we can stop another foreign interference campaign in 2020. #AspenSecurity
  • .@RepAdamSchiff says he fears China’s ability “to imprison a million Uighur’s, to restrict the freedom of over a billion people and to export those technologies to other authoritarian powers.” #AspenSecurity
  • .@RepAdamSchiff: “I pine for the Bush administration.” #AspenSecurity

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