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  • I was told that I should stop posting encouraging things, that it comes across like I’m sad & just posting to myself. But the truth is, I’ve been thru lots of heartache in this life. And r hurts can let us comfort those that r going through the same hurt- because we understand❤️
  • Someone 2nite is dealing w: depression, feeling lonely, hurt, maybe hopeless. I want u to b filled w/ hope! Imagine ur most amazing future, visualize it. Fall asleep thinking about it, no matter how far off it seems. U keep going bb! U’ve got an incredible future u can’t see yet!
  • Shout out to all the homies eating dinner by themselves on a Friday night! Just you wait til someone comes along blessed enough to sit across from us...woooooo, you all better post about it! Until then, here’s my post😂😂😂
  • I love talking to kids....I wish adults were as nice, friendly & fun to talk to as kids.
  • THEM: Patty? ME: No, Kandee, like candy bar. THEM: ohhhhhh, Sandyyyyyyy ME: 😐 (just goes with it and moves on as Sandy)

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