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  • My @Uber driver told me she had to get gas after I got in. Then at the gas station she decided to go buy a sandwich. Then after that she said she should go to the bathroom. Then Uber even called to see why we were stopped🙈 15 minutes later we left the gas station🥴
  • Things that go missing the most at my house: any matching sock, hair ties & eyelash glue.
  • @RosannaPansino I know! Gasp & shock!!!!
  • My mom just threw a perfectly good tray of brownies she made...IN THE TRASH. And I seriously looked to see if the trash was “clean enough” to get said brownies out!😂
  • It’s official....@ladygaga is the sweetest, most real, down to Earth, awesome star...who’s sparkle only shines brighter in her presence...can’t wait to see how @hauslabs changes the beauty game- I love her even MORE now:

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