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  • The NYT reports that the president is considering pardons for US military members accused or convicted of war crimes. @David_Philipps broke the story.
  • "It means a lot to me and my family...He changed our lives. He changed a generation of wealth right there, just off a couple of words." Aaron Mitchom says he still can't believe he no longer is facing $200,000 in student loan debt after the gift from Robert F. Smith to Morehouse.
  • "I actually do not question the intelligence at all," says @MichaelBennet about what the Trump admin says about the threat from Iran right now. On evacuating the Embassy in Iraq, "It does not surprise me."
  • Christopher Gibbs is an important voice that needs to be heard in this trade war. He raises cattle, soybeans, corn and hay on his farm. Here's some of our conversation.
  • I’m so excited to shine a light on wonderful people like Diane Latiker for CNN’s #ChampionsforChange special. Airing today on my show, Friday on @OutFrontCNN and then the one hour special on Saturday. Thank you @dianekob @KidsOffTheBlock !!

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