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  • The @instagram journey is one I won't forget. It started by building simple products that solved universal problems. Now eight years we look back and are proud and grateful to have been part of that journey. Thank you to the entire community as we move on for now.
  • Have a listen to this podcast about scaling Instagram. Was a blast to record, hope it’s a fun listen!
  • @ThePerezHilton @instagram Josh raised a good point at the q&a that creators monetize in many ways which is why we allow links in the description from day 1. We don’t have ads yet so there’s no share to speak of. If this grows I’d imagine that’d change.
  • @bryce All good. Just want to make sure we launched what I thought we did ;)
  • @JoshConstine @instagram Thanks for the kudos. Team did an amazing job - I just got to represent it. Really one of the best teams in the business.

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