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  • We will have College Football for the next 20 Saturdays! Let’s gooooooo!!
  • Biggest key tonight (outside of Miami QB): Florida’s offensive line. Curious to see what Miami does to take advantage of the inexperience upfront and how Mullen/Franks respond.
  • @appages It shouldn’t happen all the time if you’re a playoff team. Marlins are 8-6 vs Phillies. 11-36 vs rest of the NL East. Rest of the NL East is ahead of the Phillies. They’re beating bad teams consistently. Phillies are not.
  • Get ready for Florida-Miami and the upcoming season w @KirkHerbstreit and me on The ESPN CFP Pod. SUBSCRIBE-RATE-REVIEW Link: Listen:
  • @JAMarketer1 It’s awful. They beat the Sox at Fenway and then do this.

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