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  • @jkjohal64 oh fun!!! i i hope get to see him! ♥️♥️ & i actually have a like 5 custom jimmy shirts 😋 theyre cheap for me to make, so idk, why not.
  • @jkjohal64 it was a custom shirt with a drawing by @PavlovDaDog on it! he loved it. it was him & puppies 🥰
  • pee soaked sheets 💀😅😂
  • @jkjohal64 um, well the first time [about a year before] i sat in the front row, corner seat & we talked about the shirt i was wearing. a year later, i got the same seat & was wearing the same shirt. so he got confused & asked if he was having deja vu & thats it started....
  • *sigh* i love him so much

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