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  • And obviously DAG’s office involved heavily in investigation since he appointed Mueller
  • NEWS - on the obstruction piece of Mueller’s investigation - have learned that SCO told Barr/Rosenstein 3 wks ago he wouldn’t reach conclusion on obstruction, that was *not* expected; dispels notion Barr came up with his analysis in 48 hrs, he’s known for weeks what was coming
  • And if not grand jury/6(e) material, going to be harder to keep under wraps ->
  • Context as you read: am told Special Counsel Robert Mueller was not consulted on this letter. This was the product of the Attorney General Bill Barr and Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, per DOJ official.
  • RT @jeremyherb: Barr is still expected to provide what he's called Mueller's "principal conclusion" today, w/ @LauraAJarrett @kpolantz (che…

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