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  • @lufthansa @staralliance I tried your colleaguea and they had no answers either. So I guess that’s it. Just Good luck?! @staralliance you should probably LT rethink your partnership with @lufthansa im@taking my business elsewhere
  • @lufthansa @staralliance That’s the answer? I guess it’s time to take my travel business over to @traveloneworld or @skyteam I’m a high status member. I can only imagine how you treat people with no status on your partner airlines.
  • Also I think @staralliance should know what you are doing to their customers. I am a premier 1k member and I find it appalling that @lufthansa is able to steal from passengers. I’m sick to my stomach.
  • . @lufthansa I am going to make sure I tell everyone I know that you guys steal money from customers. You wait until they are vulnerable with no flight they already paid for and tell them you won’t let them fly until we give you money. You are holding me and my flight hostage!!!
  • . @lufthansa they then waited for 3 hours to call me as im boarding a plane basically bullying me into trying to give them money for a flight I already paid for and was never informed I would have to pay to change until THREE HOURS LATER AND MY ORIGINAL SEAT IS GONE!!

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